FAQ - BIF Certificate in Adjudication 2019


Who is the course provider?
What does the course cost?
Can I apply to attend the course for learning or professional development only?
When will the course be conducted?
Where will the face-to-face component of the course be conducted?
What is the content of the course?
How much work is involved?
What do I need to do to prepare for the course?
When and how will course material be provided?
Does everyone who attends the course qualify for the issue of a Certificate in Adjudication?
Can laptop computers be used during training and exams?
When can applications be made to attend the course?
What are the eligibility requirements to become registered as an adjudicator under the BIFA?
How do I pay to attend the course?

Course Provider:
Contract Administration Group Pty Ltd.

Course Content: Course content is directed to the Elements set out in the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Regulation (BIF Regulation) - it will include such things as:

Course Timing:   The face to face component of the training will be held in Brisbane on 18, 19 and 20 March 2019 and again in August 2019.

Date for Applications:  Application forms can be downloaded from this website now..

Course Workload:  Applicants should consider their availability carefully before applying to attend the course. It can be expected that about 10 hours of pre-course work will be necessay, 3 days of training and examinations, plus a mock adjudication to be completed in the 3 weeks following the course.

Course Material:    Course reference material will be available to download from Dropbox about a fortnight before the next course.

Pre-Course Work:  All candidates are required to complete and hand up Pre-Course Work. This will be with the course reference material.

Computers:  Computers will not be provided to candidates. Candidates who wish to use a computer must provide their own. Candidated are encouraged to use a computer for the course.

Course Fee:   The course fee for 2019 is $2,888 including GST for those wishing to attempt to qualify for the issue of a Certificate in Adjudication. For those who wish to attend the course for learning only, a Certificate will not be issued and the course fee will be $2,580 including GST. Refund of fees is only available in limited circumstances as explained in the course outline included as part of the application form.

Learning OnlyPlaces may also be available for professional development and learning only (Non-Certificate Training). See the comments under 'Course Fee' above.

Training Venue:   To be announced but it is likely to be in South Brisbane. Expressions of interest for a course at a location other than Brisbane were invited and only one person expressed an interest in having training in Townsville and a few in Toowoomba. There were no expressions of interest for any other locations.

Mock Adjudication:    Candidates wishing to qualify for the issue of a Certificate in Adjudication must satisfy assessment criteria by examinations and must demonstrate competency in writing a Mock Adjudication Decision. No exceptions will be pemitted.

Payment:     Applications to attend are to be submitted only on the form downloaded from this web site. Payment should not be made with the Application. If places are available an offer of a place will be made. A place on the course can only be secured by acceptance of an offer of a place and payment of the Course Fee by the due date. Places will be offered in the order of receipt of applications. Payment may be made by EFT, VISA, MASTERCARD or AMEX.

Registration:   To be an adjudicator the person must become registered as an adjudicator with QBCC. For this, the person must meet specific suitability requirements as required by the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 and associated Regulation. The Course Fee does not include any fees charged by QBCC for registration. Holding a Certificate in Adjudication does not mean automatic entitlement to registration. Applicants need to meet all requirements for registration as set out in the legislation and as required by the registrar.

Eligibility:   Requirements for eligibility to be an adjudicator are set out in the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 and associated Regulation.

Further Information:   Email with any questions you may have.